Creating Stunning Aquariums and More

Are you looking to install a new aquarium in your home or office? Do you need to have your fish tank cleaned but can’t find time to accomplish the task? Look no further than Total Aquariums. We offer our high-quality services at competitive and fair rates.

Aquarium Design and Installation

We are experts in designing an aquarium that perfectly fits your home or commercial space. When you choose us, your new aquarium will not just be a fish tank—it will be a fine work of art that embodies the beauty of nature. We can customize the design according to your specifications! Also, for your convenience, our team will take care of the entire installation process.

Tank Maintenance

The key to keeping your fish tank full of color and life is giving it care and attention. For professional aquarium maintenance services, turn to us. We’ll make sure that your tank is always in its optimum condition so that the fishes and plants in it will continually thrive and flourish.

Exhibits and Habitats

Our team is highly skilled in creating amazing aquatic displays that will give people an unforgettable experience with marine life. We only use premium products and materials to ensure that your exhibit will be as realistic as possible.

Water Features

We provide top-notch water feature installation services. Simply let us know how you envision your aquascape to be, and we’ll do what it takes to turn that into reality.

Warranties Offered

At Total Aquariums, we stand behind the quality of our products and services. For this reason, we offer a guarantee on fish, and our products come with a warranty.

Why Choose Us

  • We offer 24-hour emergency services.
  • We also work for the TV show “Tanked.”
  • We can provide fish for your aquarium.
  • We are knowledgeable about fish compatibility.
  • The ecosystem we create in your aquarium is based on the type of fish used.
  • We choose water formulas that will make your marine life flourish.
  • We install and customize your aquarium to make it the best habitat possible for your fish.
  • We give advice on how to care for your fish so you can have a healthy aquarium for a long time.

Get in Touch

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